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A new tobacco vape experience that's truly easy.

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An effortless experience that uses tobacco-infused vapor to unlock taste.
No burning. No waiting. No cleaning

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What is tobacco vapor?

It's what Ploom Tech uses to revolutionize the vape experience. Vapor is passed through finely-milled premium tobacco to capure real taste.

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Why Ploom Tech ?

  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenance
  • No ash / No butts
  • No smoke smell

How is Ploom Tech different to e-cigarettes and vapes?

While most electronic cigarettes and e-vape devices have a synthetic tobacco taste, Ploom Tech uses finely-milled tobacco, for real taste.

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How does Ploom Tech work?

Unlike ‘heat not burn’ devices, Ploom Tech is not a tobacco heating system. Instead, it uses a unique infusion process.

Vapor from the cartridge passes through finely-milled premium tobacco in the capsule, to capture real tobacco taste in every puff.

No waiting. No heat sticks. No mess.

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Why are Ploom Tech refills easier than e-liquid or e-juice?

There's no liquid in our tobacco capsules, so they won't leak or spill. Each is packed with finely-milled tobacco and sealed for freshness. For an effortless experience, the cartridge that creates the vapor is also sealed.

Easy to switch. No mess. No fuss.

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A new alternative to smoking

Ploom Tech is the easy way to enjoy tobacco, without the smoke, smoke smell, or ash.
The nicotine-free liquid in the cartridge creates vapor. It then passes through finely-milled tobacco to unlock real taste.

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Considerate. Convenient. Cleaner.
Our new approach to enjoying vapor.